Development work is more than just writing code &throughout; This sentence is from 3 ev Dan Frost, he expressed in an article in the development process should pay attention to some of the items. Original content is as follows:
the developers is the main force of creating the digital world, they should not only play the role of programming tool, and should have higher request for the development work. So, developers could be from what respect to improve development capabilities? Let me talk about my ideas. My advice may not be comprehensive, but hope to be able to give you some help.
don't just staring at the code now everyone will write code. Many amateurs can build websites, writing applications, programming is no longer unusual.
along with the network popularization, many people simply will programming through self-study, but both from academics and trained some developers have the same problem. I interviewed some candidates who have a high degree of these people got a degree in computer science, a AI courses, has all kinds of computer level certificate, but they still lack some important knowledge.
developers should not just staring at the code, you also need to pay attention to two aspects of the development work – – Horizontal plane and vertical plane, for instance, developers should know how to collaborate with others in a team, should also be clear development projects in the system level design.
I think cooperation with developers should also be reading this article. Because if the more you know about development, you can at the time of cooperation for developers put forward higher requirements, such as outline discussion let them, let them to refine the core functions of the system, with pictures and application examples show the functions, etc.

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