1, psutil is a cross platform library (https://github.com/giampaolo/psutil
) can realize the process and the system to obtain the utilization rate (CPU, memory, disk, network, etc.) is mainly used for system monitoring, analysis and system resources and process management.

2, IPy (http://github.com/haypo/python-ipy), auxiliary IP programming. A DNS toolkit for

3, dnspython (http://dnspython.org) Python implementation.

4, difflib:difflib, as the standard module of Python, do not need to be installed, and the effect is to compare the differences between the text.

5, filecmp: system, can implement the file, directory, traversal subdirectory differences, contrast function.

6, smtplib


: email module pycurl (http://pycurl.sourceforge.net) is a language used to write C libcurl Python, a powerful, support protocol: FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, TELNET etc., can be understood as Python package curl command under Linux. (PS:PycURL has mentioned in the last few days) the text, numbers, formulas, charts, etc. of the

8 and XlsxWriter: operating Excel worksheets.

9, rrdtool: for the change of the tracking object, generating these changes go chart

10, scapy (http://www.wecdev.org/projects/scapy/) is a powerful interactive data packet processing procedures, it is capable of data packets for forgery or unpacking, including sending data packets, packet sniffer, response and feedback etc. function.

11, Clam Antivirus free open source antivirus software, pyClamad, allows the Python module to use the ClamAV virus scanning daemon calmd directly.

12 and pexpect: can be understood as Python encapsulation of Linux under expect. Through pexpect, we can achieve automatic interaction of SSH, FTP, passwd, telnet and other command lines without artificial intervention to achieve automation purposes.

13 and paramiko are SSH2 remote installation connections based on Python implementation, supporting authentication and key methods. It can implement remote command execution, file transfer, intermediate SSH agent and other functions. Compared to Pexpect, the package level higher, more close to the function of SSH protocol, the official website address: http://paramiko.org: Crypto, Ecdsa, Python on python-devel

14 development kit), fabric is the SSH command-line tool based on Python, SSH simplifies application deployment and system management tasks. It provides the operating system based on component, can achieve local or remote shell commands, including command execution, file upload, download and complete execution log output function. Fabric has made a higher layer of encapsulation on the basis of paramiko, which is easier to operate. Official website address: http://www.fabfile.org (relying on setuptools, Crypto, paramiko package support)

15, CGIHTTPRequestHandler to achieve support for


16, ansible (http://www.ansibleworks.com/) is an open source platform that integrates configuration management, application deployment and specific tasks of IT system. Based on Python implementation, it is constructed by two key modules of Paramiko and PyYAML. The biggest difference between Ansibl and Saltstack is that Ansible does not need to deploy any client on the controlled host, and it directly executes remote command execution or sending down function directly through SSH channel.

17 and YAML: are a programming language used to express data sequences.

18, Playbook: a very simple configuration management and multi host deployment system.

19, saltstack (http://saltstack.com) is a centralized management platform for server infrastructure, which can generally be interpreted as simplified version puppet and enhanced func. Saltstack is implemented in Python language, combined with lightweight message queue ZeroMQ, and Python every three party module (Pyzmq, PyCrypto, Pyjinja2, python-msgpack and PyYAML, etc.).

20, func, in order to solve cluster management, monitoring problems need to be designed and developed the basic framework of system management.

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