Managewp from Tom Ewer blog writing, this article expresses the design is not the same as its response to popular type.
to mobile design is bigger than the PC revolution revolution – – Kevin Lynch, CTO, Adobe
in 2014, there will be more and more people use mobile devices instead of PC to access the Internet, so make easy access to the mobile terminal of the become one of the most concern for Web developers. So responsive design arises at the historic moment, but from my personal perspective, it's not worth flattered, why?
responsive design isn't everything. Myself, the past is also a fan of responsive design, found that many Web applications can not display on the mobile screen very well, Google maps is a good example. Contains a lot of pictures of website also responsive design, but is given priority to with the text of Web pages and blogs is not, even I feel responsive design for this Web site is a waste of time.

responsive design is not worth make five reasons house script

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