this article illustrates the way PHP gets two forked tree images. To share with you for reference, it is as follows:


operates a given two binary tree, and transforms it into the source two fork tree image.

solution idea

flip two fork tree, there are two ways of recursion and non recursion, and non recursion is to use queue.

 < code; PHP /*class TreeNode{var? $val var $left; VAR = NULL; $right = NULL; function __construct ($val) {$this-> Val = $val;}}*/ function Mirror (& $root) {if ($root = = NULL) return = 0; $queue (array); array_push ($queue, $root); while (! Empty ($queue)) {$node = array_shift ($queue); $tmp = $node-> left = $node-> $node-> left; right; $node- > right = $tmp; if ($node-> left! = NULL) array_push ($queue, $node-> left if ($node->);; right! = NULL) array_push ($queue, $node-> right);}} 

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hope the PHP program designed to help to everyone.

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