not many people can resist almost translucent texture, such as Windows 7 Aero effects, the launch has attracted the attention of many users. But also often see a net friend asked in the BBS, your computer has installed Windows 7 system, but can't see the Aero effects. Here to teach you a few simple screening methods, basically can solve the problem of most of the Windows 7 system Aero effects cannot display.

1. Confirm that the computer is installed on Windows 7 home premium version, Windows 7 professional or Windows 7 ultimate, a

because only these three versions of Windows 7 have Aero effects. Method is to use the right mouse button click on the desktop &other; Computer &throughout; , select properties, can be seen in the basic information about the current version of Windows 7 system.

Windows 7 Aero effects don't show how to do

2. Confirm the Aero Peek effects have open

if Windows 7 version is contained in a computer Aero effects, that may be not enabled. With the right mouse button click on the start button, select properties, in &other; Throughout the taskbar and start menu properties &; The switch to &other; The task bar &throughout; TAB, check the bottom &other Using the Aero Peek preview desktop &throughout; To be checked whether or not, if not, will the selected, and then click &other; Identify &throughout; Button to save the Settings.

Windows 7 Aero effects don't show how to do

confirm Aero effects have open

3. Confirm that the current use of Windows 7 theme is to support the Aero effects of

Windows 7 Aero effects can also be reflected in the theme, if the subject itself does not support, you've also cannot achieve Aero effects. In the desktop click the right mouse button, select &other; Personalized &throughout; . Then select any of Aero themes.

Windows 7 Aero effects don't show how to do

replace support Windows 7 theme of Aero effects

if the problem is out of here, so just click to change, the theme of the task bar and the window will change in a minute.

in general, the above three methods to find the cause of the Aero effects don't show. After the problem solving, go to experience the Aero cool special effects!

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