, a project that need to deploy the web environment in the cloud WindowsServer2016, Mysql is already installed, so you don't have to be a key installation (such as phpstudy or Wamp to install the web environment), independent installation of Apache and PHP


1, according to the installation link to download the 3 things, according to your system is 32 bit or 64 bit to download, my environment is 64

VC2015 (reference download address, because VC2012 may lack some of the DLL

https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx id=48145



PHP (here is not to need to download the Non version of the non-thread-safe. Is a non thread safe and IIS collocation environment, while thread-safe and Apache thread safe environment


2, in the WindowsServer2016 install VC, install

3, install PHP, extract to a disk, such as my E drive, modify the file name into php56

4, find the system variables to modify the


5, a copy of E:php56php.ini-production, and renamed php.ini, edit the php.ini file

to open some extensions, modified to save

; extension_dir = "ext" => extension_dir = "E: php56ext" (remove extension in front of the semicolon, and On the right path to ext you installed PHP, otherwise it will not work)

loading extension

; extension=php_mbstring.dll => extension=php_mbstring.dll

; extension=php_mysql.dll => extension=php_mysql.dll

; extension=php_mysqli.dll => extension=php_mysqli.dll

; extension=php_curl.dll => extension=php_curl.dll

; extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll => extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll

"_blank" >

6, the CMD command to see if successfully: PHP -v,

7, install Apache, first solution The pressure in the E disk file, rename the Apache24

8, open the Apache httpd.conf file to configure the

" (E is modified: I installed the


file, you can also put in a different folder, I keep on HtDocs here


modified e, the default is c

in the end where the end with these words of

9, the installation is complete, click start

start CMD, enter the e:Apache24bin (your Apache installation directory)

httpd -k install (Executive cannot execute this command with PowerShell)

10, if successful will appear Apache start page description you have completed the installation of

11, check, write a phpinfo.php file access, normal

three, summed up the" problem on The results are successfully obtained under the condition that if some pit

1, local smooth words may encounter the following access, but external access failed

"_blank" target=


encounter this kind of situation is likely to be your port not open access try using telnet, if there is no open ports below said (I use 80

: landing Ali cloud your server settings, as in the following example, set the port development that can access the

src= //files.jb51.net/ file_images/article/20180

2, VC is installed into the 2012 version, may lose some DLL files


to download the missing plug into the

if not enough recommendations or go to the unloading installation of VC2012, and then re install

3, PHP installation into a version of Non, may lead to start the


first PATH to get rid of the set of variables, and then download a copy before complete PHP Non version of the cover that, restart the computer, reset the PATH variable (if it has not put VC to uninstall, and then restart the walking process),

4 extended

php.ini failure, has confirmed that the php.ini file open MySQL and mysql_pdo expansion, phpinfo show the loading path is correct, but it is no load to these extended

: check your php.ini extension_dir, because the default is "extension_dir= ext", when you installed PHP in the other place will follow to modify the path, such as I am in E:php56ext

< p>

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