this article illustrates the function and usage of the PHP generator. Share to you for your reference, as follows:

1. official: generator provides an easier way to achieve a simple object iterative , compared to defined class implements the Iterator interface, the performance overhead and complexity is greatly reduced. The generator allows you to write code in the foreach code block to iterate a set of data without the need to create an array in memory.

2. is a common custom builder functions like , return time is different, the generator can be according to the needs of the yield times, in order to generate value iteration.

3. code example:

 / / echo 'start generator unused memory:'.getMemory (.'<); br>'; $nums = range (01000000); echo ('.getMemory) 'end memory:.'< br>'; / / output: / / 0.23M / / to the end of memory memory: 130.31. / / use generator echo ''.getMemory (.'<): memory; br>'; $nums = xrange (1000000); function xrange ($total) {for ($i = 0; $i < $total; $i++) {yield $i}}; echo 'end of memory:'.getMemory (). < br>'; / / output memory: 0.23M / / / / to the end of the 

4. memory: 0.23M application example

 / * * * * @param int $page * @param example int $limit @return Generator public function generator * * / generate large amounts of data ($page = 1, limit = $50000) {while (true) {echo "{$page}".'generator (getMemory) memory:'.$this->.'< br> '; $start = ($page-1) * $limit; $sql = "SELECT, p.wh_code p.goods_sn, FROM p_product as P WHERE p.wh_code LIKE'%YB%' OR p.wh_code LIKE 'DZWH%' LIMIT {$start}, {$limit} $resultAll = dB (->); fetchAll ($sql); yield; $resultAll; / / if generator (count ($resultAll)! = $limit) {break}; echo" {$page} ".'generator the end of memory:'.$this->.'< br> (getMemory) '; $page++;}} / / foreach / / memory consumption test generator ($this-> (generator); as $result) {/ / var_dump ($result[0]); / / 

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