Recently in to the customer to do a customer management system encountered a problem:

with the following condition when the connection string as follows

connstr="DBQ=" + server. The mappath (" db/#kehumsg. MDB ") + "; the DefaultDir=; DRIVER={Microsoft  Access  Driver  (*. MDB)};"
Set  Conn=server. Createobject (" ADODB, CONNECTION ")
conn. Open  Connstr

have a join query,
used to call in the second table of the id of the
normally, can adjust the rs (b.i "d") but it is displayed in the corresponding to the name or Ordinal Numbers in the collection, the project was not found.
in CSDN in Posting the end can not find out the answer.
with rs (" id ") to solve the problem finally, thought, so call should be the id of the first table,
but it is the second table, but I want is the second,
study, originally so, it is a table id. After   Feels good, oneself can study out of something, hehe ~ ~
but after customer said there is a problem, what all not,
place above the conn. Of the connection error open  Connstr,
how could go wrong here, on the Internet to find the said there is this kind of situation, then changed by what he says about the change to the

dbpath=server. The mappath (" db/#kehumsg. MDB)    
connstr=  "The provider=Microsoft. Jet. The oledb. 4.0; data  source="   &  Dbpath 
Set  Conn=server. Createobject (" adodb, connection ")    
conn. Open  Connstr

no more want to, can probably tried it on,
but not for long, the customer name problem again today.
take a look, I took, and federated query that went wrong,
how did this happen, and the manager research about finally found the problem:

then call in the second table id can invoke the rs (b.i "d") must also be so call,
don't like the first character,
I think should be the problem of the database engine, don't know what do you think,
here recommend the second link,


found a problem, the solution: Windows/temp access users to add modify permissions.

This concludes the body part