User experience team of students recently, products division of advertising alliance environment, made a series of research aimed at optimizing WangMeng advertising in a more scientific way, in improving the user experience at the same time, online promotion advertising effect, form the user and the advertiser win-win situation.
of course, the network environment is thousand appearance state, different site has different design and layout, to improve the user experience in complex environment improve advertising effectiveness is not easy. This study is a kind of shallow attempt, if we can get inspired and in-depth research, and apply it to practice in the near future, so we can user experience team played the purpose of the author will feel gratified.
before, experiment 1, the research object:
select WangMeng environment most of the body of the page and the page lists as the research object, by the high quality of text and list pages as a benchmark;
2, research methods:
take the eye movement research, by looking at a heat map, analysis of experimental data, the qualitative investigation to upgrade to the scientific quantitative level, and we take the experiment in the experiment before the interview, experiment, observation, and follow-up data filtering, to fix experiment conditions due to the control error, generated by the strive for results close to the actual situation more reliable online;
3, noun explanation:
(1) participation: : notice the advertising people proportion
(2) regional bet viewpoints length: regions of eye gaze on a page of time
(3) advertising attention=participation * gaze duration * 100
the fixation point length * participation to all users on the advertising of the average attention; Numerical integration is multiplied by 100 will, said 100 people pay attention to advertising total duration.
2, experiment content
cognitive psychology, information density think: every cognitive activity needs to take up and consume certain cognitive resources, when cognitive tasks required no more than the sum of the total resources, pay attention to the coordination and distribution can be simultaneously.
carrying information with users on a page can receive the amount of information is not equal, opposite when the page is very informative, users will feel huge cognitive burden without detailed information processing. If page stimulus information required for cognitive resources than itself with the cognitive resources, people can only use limited resource on the important task and choose to ignore the important information. Page load, therefore, the amount of information that is the size of the information density affects the absorption of user to the page information.
page to list as the research object, the information density of two examining indexes: white space and the number of ads. On the left side of the page information density >On the right side of the page information density.

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