From the background do front end, tragedy ah. People will do a good job of integrating CSS with my JSP page, there's a strange phenomenon.

HTML file is your provide to me, after the open style display normal. I put the inside of the code is copied to the JSP page, I strange phenomenon occurs. This is a landing page, including the user name input box and password input box. Will be deployed to a Web server, Web pages through a browser to open the found that the two input box style is lost. Only the two input box the name attribute is set to the same name to display properly.

by chrome plug-ins to check found corresponding style, but in the browser to display these style will fail, be webkit's own style to instead of. And in other machines with the same version of the browser to open is no problem. The last colleague help to find the reasons of familiar with web development, because when I am in the unit test before save the log in page in browser user name password, chrome, when open this page automatically populated user name password, use webkit default styles instead of page styles at the same time, with a yellow background input box, in order to prompt the user this is filled in automatically form content. Chrome saved this page the user name password clear it is ok.
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