In the process of product design, designers always want to do a very beautiful figure, in the virtual contents of the page, using the beautiful pictures, the contents arrange properly. But when output interface demo, this page may be empty content page, and may also be content are many, lead to dislocation layout.
so when designing interface, must not ignore the empty state, such as too much content limit state. These states may only use for the first time meet, maybe only a small number of users encounter, but all of these affect the details of the product quality.
when do interactive transcript or visual draft, as real as possible, in order to make interface designers will virtual some content on the page. But when he saw the front-end classmate output of demo, the designers always think why and I was again do page so different to knead?

empty state users in the use of some products for the first time, often empty content interface, especially the social class of Internet products, users need to build network, generated content. This time, usually adopt the way of beginners guide, guide the user to the next steps.

interaction design analysis: state of cannot be ignored in the design of product family of scripts# 0 - #

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