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  • Sample code for SpringBoot JdbcTemplate batch operation

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-4-24 / category:Mysql / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    preface is developed in the Dao layer for back end service, especially when large data batch is inserted, when the ordinary ORM framework (Mybatis, hibernate, JPA) can not meet the requirements of the performance of the program. Of course, it is impossible for us to use the original JDBC to op...
  • Nodejs example of simple access to and operation of a MySQL database

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-3-15 / category:Mysql / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    this article illustrates the way nodejs simply access and operate the MySQL database. Share to you for your reference, as follows: var MySQL = require ('mysql'); / / call the MySQL module of Mysql to install NPM install $MySQL / / create a connection connection = var mysql.createConnection ({h...
  • Implementation of CORS cross domain request for fetch in react

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-3-15 / category:Access / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    React is used in the project, which needs to use fetch instead of Ajax. , because react's create_react_app tool is very convenient, basically opens the box to use. After creating the project and entering the NPM start command, it automatically listens to a port of 3000, and the front part is r...
  • The method of using automatic generator in ionic2

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-3-4 / category:css, SQLite / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    ionic generator is the function of command line. Ionic2 automatically helps us create applications, which saves a lot of time and increases our speed to develop a key part of a project. ionic generator so that we can automatically create the following parts: - component - directive - page - pr...
  • Python MysqlDb module installation and detailed solution

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-2-23 / category:Mysql, python / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    python usually call MySQL database through the mysqldb module, simply say how to call the 1. to install the driver currently has two MySQL drive, we can choose one of them to install: MySQL-python: 1. is a package of MySQL C driver Python driver; 2.mysql-connector-python: is the official M...
  • A brief introduction to Python SQLite3

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-2-22 / category:SQLite / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    recently needed to write a simple address book with Python, but it was very sad for data storage. As you all know, it is unreliable to use lists and dictionaries in Python to store data, so it is thought that Python has a built-in database module. The SQLite3 introduction SQLite3 can be integr...
  • Python implements the function of address book

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-2-22 / category:python, SQLite / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    to tell the truth, the first time to write such a long Python code, during a lot of problems, but eventually finished, it took me a day and a half time. program to achieve the user's increase, delete, change, check, mainly use the SQLite3 module. The module of knowledge, please see my another ...

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