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  • The implementation of PHP multitask second level timer

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-5-13 / category:PHP / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    describes how has recently deployed crontab in the company, whether the sudden fantasy can use PHP to implement a timer, granularity to second level, because crontab is up to the minute level, and it also investigates a few timers implemented in PHP. Swoole extends to a millisecond timer that ...
  • Detailed explanation of the Puppeteer introductory tutorial

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-5-9 / category:css, JavaScript, Script / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    1, Puppeteer brief introduction Puppeteer is a node library, he provides a group of API for manipulating Chrome, generally speaking is a headless browser (of course, you can also configure it, default is no). Since it is a browser, then we can do all the things that we can do on the browser by h...
  • Example of the buffer motion effect of JS implementation

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-4-30 / category:JavaScript, Script / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    this article describes the buffering effect of JS implementation. Share for you for your reference, specific as follows: buffer needs to use numerical integration, to get up and up: Math.ceil () down to the Math.floor () moving speed slowly slow effect, the moving speed = (terminal position...
  • Python implementation of shopping cart program

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-4-19 / category:AJAX, python / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    this example for everyone to share the program: Python shopping cart program, the specific content of the following requirements: startup, the user input salary, and then print commodity list allow users to purchase commodity user selection goods according to the commodity number, check...

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