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  • Python implementation of shopping cart program

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-4-19 / category:AJAX, python / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    this example for everyone to share the program: Python shopping cart program, the specific content of the following requirements: startup, the user input salary, and then print commodity list allow users to purchase commodity user selection goods according to the commodity number, check...
  • AjaxUpLoad.js implementation of file upload

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-3-5 / category:AJAX, perl / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    The code for the AjaxUpload.js file, for reference, the specific contents are as follows / * * * AJAX Upload ( * Copyright (c) Andris Valums Licensed under the MIT * license * Thanks ( to Gary Haran, David Mark, Corey Burns and othe...
  • AjaxUpLoad.js implement file upload function

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-3-2 / category:AJAX, css, perl / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    The use of AjaxUpLoad.js implements no refresh file upload, such as graph. 1 map file upload before 2 1 map file upload, create a page and write HTML : < upload documents; div> < span id= "Doc" > < input; type= "text" disabled= "disabled" /> < /span> < input ty...
  • JavaScript callback function detailed solution

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-2-6 / category:AJAX, css, JavaScript, Script / crowd3 views time+ / sofa /
    in a high-level language in each language emerge in an endless stream, everything is known as a object of pride, and JS as a scripting language is compared with traditional java object-oriented languages are very different, in addition to the JS strange inheritance system, the most characteristi...
  • Example of end – end separation by WebAPI

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-1-18 / category:Access, AJAX / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    with the development of Web technology, now various frameworks, front end, back end, countless. The pressure of all - stack engineers is getting bigger and bigger. is now the front end of the framework, not only can do a variety of Web, but also can do various kinds of APP, the front-end frame...

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