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  • The analysis of Memcached and.NET using Redis serialization in Core

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-3-13 / category:ASP, ASP.NET / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    preface, , when using distributed cache, it is unavoidable to do such a step of operation, serialize the data and store it in the cache. The operation of serialization may be explicit, perhaps implicit, depending on whether the package used to help us do such a thing. . This article will tak...
  • The solution to the problem of WebAPI cross domain call

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-3-13 / category:ASP / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    found the problem recently made a project, the front end is VUE, the back end is WebAPI, and business is the additions and deletions of some entities. At the beginning of the project I expected to have a cross domain problem, so find a bit of information in the Web.Config with the configuratio...
  • Detail view caching (response caching) of Asp.Net Core 2.1+

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-3-4 / category:ASP, ASP.NET / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    The response cache Razor page and ASP.NET core 2 do not support . This feature will support the ASP.NET core 2.1 version . In the old version of MVC, has a feature that can cache views (OutputCache), which can maintain the request of the same parameter. In N time, it reads directly from the c...
  • Use detailed solutions based on Jexus-5.6.3

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-2-26 / category:ASP, ASP.NET / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    one, Jexus Web Server configuration in the working folder of the jexus (usually " ") has a basic configuration file, and the file name is "X". There are at least two SiteConfigDir and SiteLogDir jws.conf for information: SiteConfigDir=siteconf # refers to the storage site configuration file ...
  • .Net Core and jexus configuration HTTPS service methods

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-2-26 / category:ASP, ASP.NET / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    spent a couple of days reading lots of blogs, and finally finished the HTTPS service of the website, so as to write a blog to let the friends who need it take a detour. , introduced 1, under Linux environment deployed a web site in the Docker container, the website needs to access Microsoft th...
  • ASP.NET no magic _ASP.NET MVC model validation method

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-2-10 / category:ASP, ASP.NET / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    introduces the user registration and login function in the previous article, the registered user can format the username and password in the form of restricted code, if it does not meet the requirements of the operation could not be completed as follows: Entity Framework is the function of th...
  • .Net Core tutorials deployed to CentOS

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-2-6 / category:ASP, ASP.NET, Database / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    based on the first or second attempt to deploy.Net Core to Linux server, I try to summarize my experience after a simple Demo, trying to deploy on Linux server and cross server access database. , 1, the local environment using Visual Studio 2017 development, the use of the.NetCore SDK version...

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