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  • VBS basic text – Wscript object detailed solution

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-5-31 / category:Script, vbs, Windows / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    1, Wscript object Description: provides access to the Windows script host object model root object. details: the WScript object is the root object of the Windows script host object model hierarchy. It can be used in any script file without specific declarations. The WScript object provides a...
  • WPF implementation of the loop progress bar effect

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-5-25 / category:Windows / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    in the design interface, sometimes encountered progress bar, this time how WPF design custom circle progress bar, directly on the code: / / / < summary> / / / / progress bar / / / / / < /summary> public partial class ProgressBarControl: UserControl {/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / /...
  • Mysql5.7.10 installation and configuration method under Windows

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-4-26 / category:Windows / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    MySQL provides 2 different versions for different users: MySQL Community Server: Community Edition. MySQL open source community developers and enthusiasts to provide technical support for developers to open source code and provide free download. MySQL Enterprise Server: Enterprise Edition. It in...
  • Python traverses all folders and file paths under a directory

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-3-15 / category:python, Windows / crowd1 views time+ / sofa /
    In this paper, and of course, this form has its drawbacks, is not some folder traversal system, such as $RECYCLE.BIN, System Volume Information, if you do not write the judgment conditions, will lead to the read error. Therefore, when traversing folders later, it is also the way to recommend ...
  • Phpstudy2018 access to directory service permissions

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    Author:zyq / Release:2018-3-15 / category:Windows / crowd0 views time+ / sofa /
    The last article in introduces the phpStudy2018 installation tutorial and the local server configuration method , which can be clicked on. Today updated phpstudy2018, after the installation of You don't have access path permission to access /repertory/on this server. means: you do not have acc...

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