So-called omit is superfluous word to &other; ... Throughout the &; Displayed, and the display is when the mouse moves to the td to omit the word is displayed. For a table, compatible with IE and FF, Chrome omit the way CSS notation:

  code is as follows:  

table {
width: 200 px;
table - layout: fixed;

} autocut {
overflow: hidden;
white - space: nowrap;
text - overflow: ellipsis;
- o - text - overflow: ellipsis;
- icab - text - overflow: ellipsis;
- the KHTML - text - overflow: ellipsis;
- moz - text - overflow: ellipsis;
- webkit - text - overflow: ellipsis;

} autocut: hover
overflow: visible;
white - space: normal;
word - wrap: break - word;

use the autocut assigned to a CLSS, td to:

  code is as follows:  

<Th> Column1 </th>
<Th> Column2 </th>
<Td> Column1 </td>
<Td class="autocut >"
automatic cutting!!!! Automatic cutting!!!!

in particular it is important to note that in HTML files must be combined with the statement:

  code is as follows:  

<! PUBLIC DOCTYPE HTML "-///DTD/W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "" >

or IE doesn't work, of course, because the IE6 support for hover to a label only, and so the IE6, it isn't shows through CSS (you can add a tag to inside the td, then set the CSS, or by js to handle events), rendering:

# 0 - #

This concludes the body part