A bezel, IE, if if not have, must pay attention to, must be highly set forgotten; 2 can be created, floating, to father layer contains living, followed by floating to remove, container show of nature; Three, three pixel text moving slowly don't panic, height Settings help you; Fourth, compatible with various browsing must pay attention to, the default set the line height may be hidden danger; Five, the independent variable must remember, high line set, high set zero, design effect and browsing; Six, learn layout ideas, straight ahead with the layout principle of the natural, easy to handle HTML, water less hack layout, code and relaxed, good compatibility, friendly engines like welcome. Seven, all tags are active, just different default, span is infinite, infinite two instrument – Inline and block-level, img is special, but also obeys the law, the other is just different transformation, a * all long, cascading style should be more practice, everything has its rule. Eight, image links layout must be careful, image links if text link alignment, padding and vertical - align: middle to set, though imperceptible fell just as well. Nine, IE floating bilateral, please use the display: inline detained.

This concludes the body part