before talking about CSS priority, we have to know what is CSS, CSS is used to do something.
code is as follows:

. Diy * {
the box - sizing: content - box;
- moz - box - sizing: content - box;
- webkit - box - sizing: content - box;

when a tag is to define multiple styles, and conflict between the style, the priority for &other; In view of the ID defined style &throughout; >&other; The class definition style &throughout; >&other; According to the style of the label type definition &throughout; . For example, the following style

  code is as follows:  

div {
border: 2 px solid # 0000 ff;

} powerHeader {
border: 2 px solid # 00 ff00;

} # navigation {
border: 2 px solid # ff0000;

the label <Div id=" Navigation" Class=" PowerHeader" >Is # navigation application, first of all, when there is no # navigation applications. PowerHeader style, the last is div style.
at the same time, single use of the link between multiple tags or style definition class conflict, the application will be defined at the end of the class.
understand CSS styles priority, can avoid many styles conflict problem in web development.

This concludes the body part