this article illustrates the dictionary value comparison function of the Python implementation. Share to you for your reference, as follows:

 #coding=utf8 import logging import OS from Lib.DealCsv import ExceptPropertyDic from wxPython._wx import false 'for JSON data, including comparison of properties and property values. For comparison, '# string list PATH=lambda (os.path.join p:os.path.abspath (os.path.dirname (__file__), P logging.basicConfig (level=logging.DEBUG)), format='% (asctime) s% (filename) s[line:% (lineno) d]% (levelname) s% (message) S', datefmt='%a,%d%b%Y%H:%M:%S'filename=PATH ('../Log/judgeProps.log'), filemode='w'DEF) CmpObj (reaResultl, exceptResult): try: if len (reaResultl) ==len (exceptResult): if CMP (reaResultl, exceptResult) ==0: return True else: return False else: return False except Exception, e: print e # contains two parameters: #containVar: #stringVar: the search contains the character string to search for def containVarInString (containVar stringVar: try:). If isinstance (stringVar, STR): if containVar in stringVar: return True else: return False else: return False except Exception, e: print e def CmpValue (propsDic, exceptDic): try: containSeparatorList=[val for VaR in exceptDic.values (if) containVarInString ("|", VAR Val in var.split (for) "|")] notContainSeparatorList=[var for VAR in exceptDic.values (if) not containVarInString ("|", VAR exceptValueList=notContainSeparatorList+containSeparatorList FalseBool (set)] =list ([False for VaR in propsDic.values (if) var not in exceptValueList ")) if len (FalseBool): return False else: return True except Exception, e: print e propsDic={'itemId ':'XX','item':'trac K','serviceId':'pageview','srcSubModule': 'voice','srcPosition':'XX','srcPage':' found _ recommended ','srcPageId':'XX','srcModule': ''srcTitle' ': focus map' focus map title ''focusId': 'ID' ExpecDic={'itemId '} focus map:'XX','item':'track','serviceId':'pageview','srcSubModule':' voice ','srcPosition':'XX','srcPage': '_ recommended | guess you found love | subscription','srcPageId':'XX','srcModule':''srcTitle'': focus map 'focus map title''focusId'': ID'} if __name__== focus map "__main__": print "home test script results: if CmpValue (propsDic, ExpecDic): print" Equel "else:" print not equel "


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