We were using the DIV + CSS layout content page, tend to bring DIV or other element adaptive height, but when the publisher publishes content less, only one line, for example, the content part is small, not beautiful, but we set up a highly directly, it will overflow when content is a lot of, today research the compatible browser Settings each DIV minimum height method, used to share. Assume that content page code is as follows: <Div class=" Htmer_mindiv " > Here is the article content … … </div> The CSS code is as follows:

  code is as follows:  

htmer_mindiv {min - height: 500 px;//Firefox/IE7 above _height: 500 px;//IE6 height: 100%;//the Internet explorer 6/Firefox this is very important, IE6 fixed height, need to be added, this article, can automatic drawing height. }

This concludes the body part