wants to make private warehouses, mostly for speed, we have push and pull in private warehouses at a faster rate.

uses registry to build


. $docker pull Ubuntu $docker tag Ubuntu localhost:5000/ubuntu $docker push localhost:5000/ubuntu 

localhost:5000/ubuntu this is an official little trick. The following is my own practice.

 pull registry:2 Trying to pull repository docker.io/library/registry docker pull registry:2 Trying to pull repository docker.io/library/registry. 93620947: Pull complete Digest: sha256:672d519d7fd7bbc7a448d17956ebeefe225d5eb27509d8dc5ce67ecb4a0bce54 Status: Downloaded newer image for docker.io/registry:2 0e7cfdaaa20ea0db3c49d700a4e2c8a645 [root@FantJ ~] docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE docker.io/openjdk 8-jre. St ae513a47849c 4 weeks ago 109 MB docker.io/registry 2 d1fd7d86a825 4 months ago 33.3 MB Ry [] 7ab428981537: Pushed 82b81d779f83: Pushed d626a8ad97a1: Pushed latest: digest: sha256:e4f0474a75c510f40b37b6b7dc2516241ffa8bde5a442bde3d372c9519c84d90 size: 948 shortages: no visual management tools, private warehouse service outages cause trouble, no It has user management mechanism and no operation record function. 

advantages: build operation simple

use harbor to build

download address:

modification configuration harbor.cfg

 hostname = fantj.top:8888 materialism or whatever it looks like to save and exit, straight Take care of running install.sh


: harbor will take up 80 ports by default, so please make sure that your 80 port is not occupied. How do you modify it?

modifies the configuration docker-compose.yml (need to change port and again)

change the first 80 of 80:80 to the custom port number

I change here to port 8888. And then run install.sh

... [Step 4]: [Step 4]: starting Harbor... Creating network "harbor_harbor" with. ----Harbor has been installed and started successfully.---- Now you should be able. 

default account password: if you want to modify, to modify.

 [root@FantJ harbor]# docker PS CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS. Harbor-jobservice 5fecbc47ea68 vmware/nginx-photon:v1.5.1 "nginx -g'daemon..." minutes ago Up 7 minutes (healthy)>. 7 minutes ago Up 7 minutes (healthy) harbor-ui b1f6387545d6 vmware/harbor-db:v1.5.1 "/usr/local/bin/do..." 7 minutes ago Up 7 "/entrypoint.sh se..." 7 minutes ago Up 7 minutes (healthy) 5000/tcp registry c40db866f7d2 vmware/harbor-adminserver:v1.5.1 "/harbor/start.sh" 7 "Mware/redis-photon:v1.5.1" "docker-entrypoint..." 7 minutes ago Up 7 minutes 6379/tcp redis 17c002dd8b98 vmware/harbor-log:v1.5.1 "/bin/sh -c). Harbor-log [root@FantJ harbor]# docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE vmware/redis-photon .5.1-v1.5.1 611385e920c3 3 days ago, ago, MB vmware/notary-signer-photon v0.5.1-v1.5.1 f9e01495db0e 3 days ago 209 MB vmware/registry-photon 198. E/harbor-log v1.5.1 67000769dfac 3 days ago 200 MB vmware/harbor-jobservice v1.5.1 3f7a7987ca5b 3 days ago 194 MB 212 MB 3 squares 183 B vmware/harbor-db v1.5.1 afa780d73279 3 days ago 526 MB vmware/mariadb-photon v1.5.1 59ed57632415 3 days ago 526 443 MB vmware/harbor-migrator v1.5.0 466c57ab0dc3, 4 weeks ago 1.16 GB latest ae513a47849c 4 weeks ago 109 KS ago 109 MB vmware/photon 1 4b481ecbef2a 5 weeks ago 130 MB docker.io/registry 2 d1fd7d86a825 4 months ago 33.3 can see that our processes and mirrors are much more than the beginning of our open source tool. 

 [root@FantJ harbor]# docker tag docker.io/nginx fantj.top:8888/internet-plus/nginx [root@FantJ harbor]# fantj.top:8888/internet-plus/nginx [root@FantJ harbor]#. Ial tcp: lookup fantj.top: no such host

it hints that it is safe to use HTTPS request. There are two kinds of solution:

first: when docker starts, add second kinds of trust to the domain name + port Restart

 #docker-compose stop./install.sh

above is the whole content of this article, I hope to help you, and also hope that you can support a lot of the script home.

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