1 >In dw, how to input a blank space?

input space problems, seems to have become a cliche in DW problem, we may introduce in many DW using books or articles seen N times.

the limitation on the input Spaces in DW is against &other; Half Angle &throughout; Text in terms of status, so by adjusting method to the Angle of mode can be avoided, the method is: open the Chinese input method for artificial intelligence ABC (for example), press Shift + Space to switch to a state of full Angle, should be no problem now.

in addition, you can also through many &other; Flexible &throughout; Methods to achieve the objective of the input space, such as commonly used are:

directly to join on behalf of the Spaces in the source HTML code &other; & Nbsp” ; Input after a certain length of the text object, and then adjust the color of the text with the current background color is the same, and so on, but pay attention to the latter in some browsers may show a bit of a problem.

2 >How to add custom before your browser's address bar ICONS?

do you remember when netease web site home page, sometimes before the address http://WWW.163.COM will display a &other; Easy &throughout; The small icon. By default, this icon is a designated pictures of IE browser.

in fact this is not what advanced technology, but in the site directory added a specific file.

at this moment, we need to make an icon file in advance, the size of 16 * 16 pixels. File name extension ico, and then uploaded to the appropriate directory. In the HTML source file &other; <Head> </head> Throughout the &; Add the following code between:

<The Link Rel=" SHORTCUT IC>

This concludes the body part