This two days to open the Dreamweaver those programs and always pop up a error, write:
in the onLoad run RecordsetFind. HTM, occurred the following JavaScript error:
the file &other; RecordsetFind” :
findRs is not defined in
in close Dreamweaver when those will pop up a similar mistake,
in the onLoad run TeamAdminTempDelete. HTML, JavaScript error occurred:
the file &other; TeamAdminTempDelete” :
delTempFile is not defined in
how to solve? Checked the online, found the solution.
as follows:
this method is applicable to Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver CS3 (9.0), and Dreamweaver 8 of those different version (10.0).
find directory: C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Application Data
if your version is Dreamweaver 8 and its previous version, then please enter the Macromedia directory,
if you have the version of the Macromedia is 9 and its later version, then please enter the Adobe directory,
in fact because Adobe bought Macromedia afterwards, so different directory.
to delete the directory Dreamweaver version of the corresponding folder. Dreamweaver is my version of those, then I will delete the
C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Application Data/AdobeDreamweaver those folders,
in the same way the other version is the same, there is no longer bothersome.
to delete this directory, you of Dreamweaver before all configuration information is missing, reopen the Dreamweaver, automatically regenerates the deleted folder, to save the default configuration file in it.

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