Obviously, no one will be a word a word to change manually, in the search on the net, so he has a Web online conversion tool, but this plugin page containing traditional Chinese so much, open one page a page, and then paste, conversion, and then paste, then save, is really bother! So I want to make a one-time conversion tool. First thought is to use application UltraEdit, because UltralEdit is built-in Javascript engine, so excitedly wrote js script, but tried several times, all not line, UltralEdit inside incredibly put Chinese characters into two Ascll code interpretation, make the along while finally collapse. (don't want to this in c # to write a special conversion tool, the exe file without love).

then search a other text editor, support the built-in Javascript but failed all the time, suddenly found that Dreamweaver can make plug-in based on HTML and Javascript, although online example are automatically generated a variety of templates, but its support Javascript features let I was overjoyed. Also used before some Dreamweaver, incredibly don't know this!

and reference data, made the Chinese simplified Chinese traditional Chinese characters conversion tool, can be single file or batch file conversion. Work well, fully competent. Exclaimed DreamWeaver as a classic production tool, and it is real, but says this person not much online. Cut the crap, directly on the plug-in:

simplified Chinese traditional converter - DreamWeaver plug-in (1)

installation method: will HanCharConvert. Rar decompression after will HanCharConvert. HTML and HanCharConvert. Js in DreamWeaver installation configuration under the main folder/commands folder, restart can &throughout; Command &throughout; See HanCharConvert commands in the menu, when a file is opened, the command is available. Can open multiple documents in DreamWeaver, then select options. At this point, has realized the DreamWeaver simplified Chinese characters batch convert (in Chinese characters font conversion), and not limited to HTML, PHP, JSP and other documents, in fact all of the text file is super convenient to transform (MS word also has this function, but there is a TXT, PHP and other plain text file, or need to copy and paste, etc., otherwise there will be a problem such as coding, and multiple file conversion is not convenient in DreamWeaver.) Compatibility do not have what problem, DW early version to support Javascript.

plug-in finished production, but found the DreamWeaver custom plug-ins this functionality, I was pleased bad, then you can follow one's inclinations of the building you want the text editor, and the best is just Javascript scripts, Javascript doesn't have to mention the power of nature, ha ha.

plug-ins in DreamWeaver public three categories, just is the Command plugin, there are actions and behaviors of the plugin, then study the method of making the two other plug-ins, to write a tutorial, this part of the online tutorials are few and far between. In addition other software such as Adobe series Flash can create similar plugin, study together.
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