1, the paste from the external documents, if don't want the format, as long as the words, can use &other; Edit - >Paste the as text” Command, and not directly Ctrl + V.

2, &other; The Command - >The Add/Remove Netscape resize fix” Is a very useful command, it can make in NC4.0 browse pages, pages are not spend when change the window size.

3, all of the head element cannot be library components, all elements in the insert library, its head associated attributes are removed, such as style, CSS properties.

4, and the template library component templates don't uploaded to the server, you can preview right to use the components or the page template.

5, use &other; Check plugin” Behaviors to determine whether visitors browser installed flash plugin, sometimes lapse in judgment, such as report when they installed plugin is not installed. The best in the publish of flash setting clear, rather than simply output. SWF files.

6, do not use tables and layer on the same page at the same time to decorate, can lead to confusion in the Netscape, except the dependency relationship.
7, using layer is best defined as the div tags rather than layer, because in the former two major browsers have good compatibility.

8, in making a hotspot link with pictures, best for naming a hotspot, prevent sometimes can only draw a straight line in the picture.

9, when we will frame structure to establish good, you can use this framework file and Site form placed side by side, and then choose the page file from Site drag and the corresponding framework. This applies to frame more complex pages.

10, if not satisfied with a picture, want to change another one, the simplest way to double-click the picture and choose to replace images can be directly.

11, in the preview pages best save before, sometimes in not preview pages correctly, and it could solve this problem.

12, if your pages use CSS or Java Applet, had better not use &other; File - >C>

This concludes the body part