As a don't understand the code of web page making amateur, often envy professional programs in the browser of the effect of cool some multimedia works. Well, but program the dongdong, enzyme acerbity south, Rome was not built in a day, need a good logical thinking ability and enough hone can accomplish. Is not program, they always can't realize your ideas and thoughts? Not too! Now we have to make is a slide player in a web page. When the user presses on the control panel &other; PLAY” Continuous loop for key similar images will be slide. Press &other; PAUSE” , the picture stays in play in the current position. Press &other; RESTART” Key, slide and play from the start. And all this, only using Dreamweaver3 chain embedded Layer (Layer), time (Timeline) and Behavior (behaviors) technology, can realize, all of the JavaScript code will be generated automatically in Dreamweaver. Here not encourage you not to contact the program code, on the contrary, if the readers have some programming technology, will play a very important role in web page creation. In fact, this is today's professional WEB page making a basic quality requirements.

the following step in the production of this player.

step one: graphical elements of the production and preparation.

creating slides used in the image and place it in the layer of Dreamweaver. We are going to achieve in each slide 7 pictures alternates alternately, so we need to make 7 picture content is different. Pay attention to the image in Photoshop to optimize the compression, and adjusted to the same size. Create a layer, inserted into the original image, the image is to slide the default head picture. To name the layer Layer_main, and referring to the level of the Index value is set to 1.

step 2: create the appearance of the player and the four control button.

use Photoshop to make a metal player appearance effect. (specific effect on the be fond of you, maybe you can from the skin of Winamp inspired by point). As the best optimized output a transparent GIF image. In order to make the mouse button after some changes, you have to each button to make 2 pictures (total 6), two buttons need to have color differences. First built three layer, adjust good position, and Insert the three play button of the respective two roll images (Rollover Image) (Insert - Rollover Image). Layer by adjusting the Index Z values, to ensure that players in the layer at the top of the Layer_main layer in the layer button is located below. Typesetting good layers as shown in figure 1.

12430192 _2005062411431949791800. GIF

This concludes the body part