Teach you how to use Dreamweaver created web advertising on sliding layer,
when the page scroll pull, sliding layer will follow up to him, and most of the sites for sliders, sliding menu can also be used to do, it is very common on the Internet to the effect of... In Dreamweaver before

insert a layer and then advertising picture
in a layer in the end, in <Body> Using this plugin on the label can be
is a plugin to use
after installation on behavior → The new behavior → RibbersZeewolde→ Persistent the Layers
because it is in English, so I just as I know the function.
1, the first to put a layer on the web, and name.
2, use this behavior. If this behavior is not used, means you choose the wrong item, please take your place to use.
3, used after will appear below:
the Select Layer, Select the Layer you want to move.
The Layer Should:
&# 8231; Stick to the top/left the position defined by its CSS style: this I use, is to be able to let it stay in the upper right (but not to write in English upper left=.=).
the &# 8231; Stick to the position specified by the following options: put want to use this layer can be place.
Horizontal: adjust at the left or the right of the picture.
Vertical: adjust the picture above or below.
Static: use the layer won't move, instead of I don't know is what to do.
the &# 8231; Animated: here is the speed of adjustment layer sliding, two options is a little difference, with preferences to set yourself.
the above.. I said is I try to see, I also try, anyway, as long as it is good to try out their satisfaction feeling.
using the plug-in to make web pages floating ads

This concludes the body part