says, discovered the asp framework classes. Due to the discovery, has also been found Dreamweaver with a useful function: extension. By extension, Dreamweaver can provide us with the function of the more interesting. EasyAsp framework provides the extension, for example, for using the framework code a seaside, prompt function, save the developer to be familiar with the document and remember class method, the parameters of time.

installation Dreamweaver extension is very simple, open the Dreamweaver, through &other; Command &throughout; - &other; Extension management &throughout; , open &other; File &throughout; - &other; Installation &throughout; And choose the need to install the MXP or mxi file, according to clew installation is completed.
note that after installing the extension will not take effect immediately, need to restart the Dreamweaver.

but because I tend to be installed version, no Dreamweaver extensions are installed, you will need to download Macromedia Extensi>

This concludes the body part