1 will webpage fine-artists

will be web design
3 "will plan

4" understand SEO

5 "understand program

6" in the Internet know

7 "creative

points 1, 2, is the most basic skills as a graphic, below I talk about in detail.

a, is a web design, webpage fine-artists generally requires some knowledge of the art language, familiar with Photoshop, flash and other design software, in the Internet industry, there are some people who specializes in web design, at the early stage of the customer project, for example, web page design is often to design rendering, some web page design company is also do graphic artist, this is not about the

2, is a web designer. Web designers just as its name implies is making web pages, and generally to understand HTML tags voice, understand the div + CSS layout, this is the most basic, if asked to do a simple dynamic effect, it needs to understand javascript and html5.

3, will be planning: some Internet companies previously when I answer the customer project, often need to graphic design renderings, but before the design renderings, good planning is required to function, and the project can, in turn, largely depends on renderings of the plan is good or bad, understand the status of the planning can be favor of some enterprises.

4, understand SEO, website built, you need to promote, and page optimization, keyword (keyword) such as web pages, web page description (description), page title (the title), and image Alt optimization, the title optimization, web based SEO techniques such as the structure is very important to promote.

5, application: website whether to retain users, one of the user experience is essential, and to create a good user experience, often need to use scripting, such as javascript programming, as programming, js framework such as Jquery.

6, have a deep understanding of the Internet: if a don't understand the Internet, or just in the Internet industry, how to design a meet the requirements of the industry, senior designer, the Internet is often familiar, focus on industry of outstanding sites, they have a certain design of accumulation, precipitation, we often say well informed, the sentence in which are all useful.

7, creative: now the Internet is not lack of designer, want to stand out in the Internet industry, tend to rely on creative, not only is the originality of the content, just the effect of the ideas is more important.
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