This article translation blog Usability Counts, @ C7210 translator. The original author Patrick Neeman is user experience designer, working for social recruitment company Jobvite as director of user experience.
in this paper, the author puts forward &other; The real user experience designers understand continuous improvement &other; People throughout the &; , &other Business &throughout; , &other Technology &throughout; These three factors, through the understanding of the three fully, to make it in &other; Product &throughout; In organic combination in order to product gradually get better throughout the &; .
who can draw wireframes. When my friends (English original author) when it comes to the idea of your product, I will encourage them to picked up a pen and paper, to exchange ideas by sketching. They think it is great, can help them to mind the idea into practice.
the real user experience designers are not created by the ability to draw wireframes, and, more importantly, they know how to deal with feedback information, how to validate ideas, they know how to do research and iteration. They know sketches and wireframe prototype during the design process in which only a small part of them is the conclusion of research output, is used as information carrier of communication; They are likely to be on the presentation of documents for the product, design, technology development and related personnel communication, may also be in the form of high fidelity or paper prototypes used as usability testing.
the real user experience designers know through a continuous improvement process to let product get better. This process, or method framework of mixed with &other; People throughout the &; , &other Business &throughout; , &other Technology &throughout; The three aspects of factors, and our job is to make a full understanding of these factors, to make them in &other; Product &throughout; This collection of organic union.
have more direct and efficient way to communicate
I have seen a lot of interaction designers at the beginning of the project in spite of all the straight to wireframe prototype, and then save a picture or PDF and sent to the demand side, then began to complain: &other; Why they don't understand? Throughout the &;
wireframe prototype is only one designer hand tool for communication; What is more important in the process of communication with the demand side or developers actually, describe solutions and related to each other on the basis of ability to communicate.
than the wire frame of the prototype is made by software tools, paper, pen, whiteboard, in many cases are more effective tools. Especially at the early stage of the product and the iterative process, these tools can help us faster ideas to carry out the idea, the more communication and cooperation between departments will also become more efficient directly.
as designers, we should know, with the user, product team, technology development and so on various aspects of communication and cooperation process is the important way to help us to design practical experience accumulated.

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