How do you open the

php file format? 要搞清楚php文件用什么打开,首先我们来看php文件是什么文件,PHP是一个网页脚本,文件后缀名为.php,如下图:

但不同于html xml 标签语言,直接可以通过浏览器打开,php文件需要有PHP的运行环境才可以访问和打开,如果只是编辑PHP文件,只需要用:



php file open mode two: open Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a web page editor, popular web development tools, you can directly drag and drop files into the can open the PHP file

php file open mode three: Notepad++

is a tool to open the code editor, select the file to open the line of

php file open: four open the

SublimeText tool and the above method, choose to open the line of

in addition to direct notepad file, other code editor tools are available to PHP Chinese web development tools PHP download.

> concluded the above four methods is small to introduce the PHP format open, I hope to help you, if you have any questions please give me a message, Xiao Bian will reply you timely. Thank you for your support for the home website of the script!

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