Returns all the network card in the computer media access control   (MAC)   Address and address of each network protocol list, either returned from this place, also can through the network to return.  

syntax getmac [. Exe)   [/s  Computer  [/u  Domain \ User  [/p  Password]]]   [/fo  {TABLE | | LIST are CSV}]   [/nh]  //v

/parameters s  Computer 
specifies the remote computer name or   IP  Address (can't use the backslash). The default value is the local computer.  
/u  The Domain \ User 
works by   User  Or   Domain \ user account permissions for users specify command. The default value is current login will command the computer user permissions.  
/p  Password 
specifies the user account password, the user account in  /u  Parameters are specified.  
/fo  | CSV} {TABLE | LIST  
specifies the query results in the format of the output. Valid values for   TABLE, LIST  And   The CSV. The default output format for   The TABLE.  
in the output compressed column headings. When will  /fo  Parameter is set to   TABLE  Or   CSV  Available at the time.  
specifies the output shows detailed information.  
in the command prompt displays help.   Comments

Getmac  Can be used to   MAC  Address input network analyzer, or identify computer currently used protocol of each network adapter.   Sample

the following example shows how to use   Getmac  Command:

getmac /fo  Table /nh /v
getmac /s  Srvmain
getmac /s  Srvmain /u  Maindom \ hiropln
getmac /s  Srvmain /u  Maindom \ hiropln /p  P @ ssW23
getmac /s  Srvmain /u  Maindom \ hiropln /p  P @ ssW23  /fo  List /v
getmac /s  Srvmain /u  Maindom \ hiropln /p  P @ ssW23  /fo  Table /nh

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