Windows environment Python installation and use

1, python how to run

, first of all, let's talk about Python interpreter, it is a program that allows other programs to run. When you write a python program, the Python interpreter will read the program and execute it according to the commands. Actually, the interpreter is the software logic layer between the code and the computer hardware of the machine.

is popular, our computer is based on the binary operation, no matter what language you write the program, whether your program to write how simple or how complex, and ultimately to the computer running must be 0 or 1, because the computer can only recognize 0 and 1. Most programming languages

we are currently using advanced programming language, which is beneficial to us to read the language, to make our programs can run on a computer, a conversion process can, python procedures generally should be like this:

source code --> byte code; --> PVM (virtual machine) --> machine code

to Python

can download the official website of python (, usually including interpreter, library files and simple encoding environment (IDLE). The source code is compiled into bytecode program in order to save more time, if there is no change in the source code, then run the program will read speed from the byte code, the byte code into the virtual machine to explain, can better cross platform operation, finally converted into machine code.

two and Windows system build python programming environment

1, enter Python official website, choose the corresponding operation system in the Downloads drop-down menu, we choose windows.


2", here there are 32 and 64 bit version, to correspond to its own computer system.

3, just download the installation package, the installation process shown below, using the default configuration, select "Install Now", select the following Add Python3.5 to PATH, then next is always, until the completion of.

three, the understanding of

1, programming environment

running at the beginning of operation command CMD, DOS mode, python input, interactive environment can be python.


3, an interactive interface can be used for simple learning. When writing large programs should be specific to the python file, python file default suffix.Py, we can create a text file, and then put the suffix extension to.Py, then



" finally choose the run module under Run in the menu to run, and the shortcut key is Run.

is the whole content of this article, I hope to help you, and hope that you can support a lot of scripting home.

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