&other; What's the matter? Throughout the &; Unless you have some kind of dialog box has been commonplace, met, otherwise the first response is often like this? This experience as you rush to clear the driver, are constantly being stopped on the way: fliers. Can not deny the fact that it is a kind of interrupted, sometimes even become a bother. As a designer, although know &other; Interrupt &throughout; Temporary can't eliminate, but don't make it into &other; Disturb &throughout; , but we should try to:
1) disturbed repeatedly interrupt=
every other hours for interrupting you, or you can stand it. If interrupted several times in one minute you, think of it? This is also why the Chrome in judging this page several times &other dialog Interrupt &other; After users, appear so a &throughout; Ban on this page to display dialog box &other; The options.

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