However, no one will tell you: what is my password, could you to use my number! So, how are we going to put other people's passwords stolen? Please see – –
1, if work, do you want to download Trojan &other; Throughout the ice &; , and &other NetxRAY” , &other; ExeBind” . Ice is a remote monitoring software, it is BO and the like, as long as the person running the server application, his system was open to you at any time! Now more popular is gray pigeons, remote control, NetxRAY is IP can be used to see each other; Exebind, can merge the two exe files into an exe file, run time, respectively. Method of use? I don't teach, my research. Then, using exebind glaciers of the server program and a normal together. For example: named play. Exe. Zip package.

2, the second step, to apply for a new qq number, is used to do bad things. You can't put you worked so hard to build a good online reputation ruined!!!! Even do a mean person, also want to do some hidden … … In addition, the number with the name of the best is the name of a mm, because it can make people don't doubt you, they are more likely to believe in you, in order to steal our activities.

3, 3, is to find a attack! If you are a registered name of mm, had better not take the initiative to find them. You say a few words in the chat room, someone will come looking for you, the technology of these people are not very good, don't even know what is network security, their lowest vigilance, it is a good game! If you are a boy's name, depends on your skill. Anyway, the girl and boy is fine, as long as have to do is to find a way to let others trust yourself. (I always feel that you cannot deep friendship, otherwise, it's not betray a friend! I haven't done this kind of matter … …)

4, tense moment here! Here, I use an example to tell you, get someone else's password step: (if you are a newbie in the name of that others will be on your guard against lax, and what you said below are based on)

a, and the man, must be set very close, and show you what all don't understand the computer and network, the asked him to a certain level of problems, such as: email bomb explosion can let my computer? (I!) Then, say a few words of has nothing to do. After the cut to the chase!

: my friend sent me a program, I don't understand. That a Search is stem what of?

: is that so? I can't see. Don't know!

: well, then how to do?

: I'm sorry, this time he might say: may I help you see!!!! Ha ha! He's the bait! If so, in step b. Alas, the man is this bad … …

: I sent to you, you help me see?

: ok! , ha ha, the next step!

b, will be your hands touched the play. The zip issued to him, tell him that you want to know how to use right away. Ten to one he will run right away!

c, see his IP with NetxRAY, glaciers, selection &other; Add the host &throughout; , it is his IP, other with default.

d, if he carried out the files, you can invade into his machine!

e, first of all, his Windows directory *. PWL file downloaded to your machine, will be useful later.

f, in &other; Command console &throughout; The start button.

g, by glaciers, not qq send a message for him, news headline &other; Qq” , type &other; Error &throughout; , &other; Due to internal system error, qq will be closed, please restart the qq” . Why do you know below!

h, you see his process and shut his qq, later you can look, the process started for 1 minute until the qq, because at that time he had the password input, the glacier has recorded his keystroke. You just have to stop keystroke record then look! You're done!

there is a way, that you tell him, you sent a card to him, is you have to do, ask him very not good-looking, let he go to email. Charge if he is online, you can through the button to record examines his E-mail password! Is probably his online account!

as for the previously mentioned *. PWL file, is to keep the Windows password file, all the saved password, where, as long as you use a software can see!

this last step is the most important! Please continue to look at:

you have received his qq passWord (possibly all his passWord is this), you do have achieved, but you can't let he has backdoor virus infection, you should uninstall the server-side program, to not be he was attacked by others, this is basic (can also add a passWord or change the port, let other people can't into).

it is introduced how to steal other people's qq passwords, so how to prevent? In the Trojan horse today, the machine must have a specialized killing Trojan software, can ensure that QQ password was stolen. Here are a few good specifically killing Trojan software, first of all is that the Trojan bane kill Trojan tool, can be killing 8122 international trojans, 1053 kinds of password theft Trojan, guarantee the killing legend password stealing trojans, QQ class parasitic trojans, ice class file association trojans, password XieBa, miracle shooter games such as password mail trojans, built-in Trojan firewalls, any hacker program attempts to send password E-mail, all need Iparmor confirmed, can not only killing trojans, more can be checked against the hacker password. Another is Trojan scavenger Windows Trojan scavenger, domestic good Trojan killing software, scanning process scan disk scans the registry to detect suspicious module vulnerability scanning smart update Trojan firewall. And 360 of 360 Trojan killing Trojan killing 360 includes a variety of popular Trojan killing tool, killing the Trojan can quickly and accurately. Including 犇 cattle, dog, gray pigeons, sweeping wave, disk drives, etc., all sorts of trojans, can use first aid kit for killing 360 system.

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