if some friends want to both, and worry about installation does not affect their original system smoothly and applications, can use a virtual machine to install the trial Windows 8 preview consumers. Below we use virtual machine software Vitralbox together to install the simplified Chinese doing the consumer preview. Software to prepare

we need to prepare Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine software download (official). Currently doing VirtualBox4.1.8 support system. After the trial, VirtualBox version 4.06 and 4.012 can be smoothly to install the simplified Chinese version of Windows 8 preview consumers.
in addition to the virtual machine, Windows 8 natural essential consumer preview installation files.
download Windows 8 preview version of the simplified Chinese consumers (32-bit) or download Windows 8 preview consumers simplified Chinese (64), and perhaps to install the key, these can be downloaded directly baidu search.
virtual machine installation, create and set the
#0 - #
after 20 minutes of installation and restart the process, we finally saw the preview Windows 8 consumers personalized Settings interface. Here, we can choose the color that oneself like, the default color is mentioned in the news &other; Dark &throughout; .#0 - #

This concludes the body part