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  Three, CSS

 code is as follows: 

background - color: # F0ECD6;
background - image: Url (Images/water. PNG);
background - position: top;
background - repeat: repeat - x;

web page background color, and the sea be in harmony are an organic whole, this is a very beautiful artistic effect. The larger point is that the background image of the left and right sides each have a no blur bright line in particular, the background image, if just to set as the background, then, the background will have two obvious line mark, it will be heavy a failure. But, in the style sheet, set the background - position: top; The background image in the horizontal center, vertical flat auxiliary starting depend on the position level, these two lines, was the content about the borders, likes nature itself, let a person have to sigh the original conceptions of the author.
# 0 - #

This concludes the body part