If you want to use the API, and must ensure that the server configuration corresponding mime type.

with tomcat, for example, in the open the tomcat 6.0 \ conf \ web XML file, the file of the back to add the following

  code is as follows:  

<Mime - mapping>
<Extension> Manifest
<Mime - type> Text/cache - manifest
</mime - mapping>

note in particular, the extension of the value is the manifest, so future configuration cache file suffix must be the same with him.

use the cache is must have the following format

  code is as follows:  

<! DOCTYPE html>
<HTML manifest="./cache manifest ">

cache. The mainfest is configured on the server file


  code is as follows:  

the cache MANIFEST,
index. The HTML
time. Js
CSS # fallback is mainly used for offline files have been replaced,
#/pay/ofline. HTML pay all of the below request is in offline will be forwarded to ofline. HTM
server - time. Js fallback - server - time. Js

* # version 9

which version to version label, when the version is changed, the client will automatically update the cache.

This concludes the body part