Following the last article talked about the form filled in automatically after the problem solving, then encountered new problems, is page in IE style a portion of the display is not correct. Through the IE developer tools to check the corresponding style, contrast local HTML page can display properly, have the same style, in addition to some of the font styles in the developer tools shows the style of the font - size, other are all the same, including styles show incorrect margin style. Finally through the developer tools found in the two pages of text mode is different, can correctly display the page text mode is a standard model, and display abnormal when the page is miscellaneous patterns.

to view the page source because the exception found web page is decorated by sitemesh, page is not defined text mode and decoration! DOCTYPE, leading to parse web browser failed to pass the standard mode.

! Document type (English abbreviation! DOCTYPE, English full name DOCumentTYPE), a! A DOCTYPE is a kind of standard generalized markup language document type declaration, its purpose is to tell the parser standard generalized markup language, it should use what kind of document type definition (DTD) to parse the document. It appears as the first line of the file, and has the following format:
PUBLIC " Quoted string " >
&other; Quoted string &throughout; Is called one a public identifier, it refers to the document type definition (DTD) by a &other; Well-known throughout the &; Name, usually by a relevant standard. Usability: [1]

specify the formal public identifier (FPI) is a publicly accessible object or a system resource.
the Internet engineering task force (IETF) and the world wide web consortium (W3C) is not a registered ISO organization.
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