Met with the parameters of the abnormal condition is not very common garbled problems
look at the first page

as shown in figure, monthly indicators below have the same three radio.
under the three radio is an iframe, implementation effect is that clicking a different radio show a different page,
when clicking send url with parameters.

(1) the problem out, when &other; Day throughout °ree index; And &other Monthly indicators &throughout; Switch, because of my parameters passed to Chinese characters, to access the code in the background,
so to give parameters to encode coding, background UrlDecode decoding, depressing found still gibberish.
then carefully controlled code found on the page will open in the iframe page without coding.
then add below sentence in page


code is as follows:
<Meta HTTP - equiv="content-type" Content="text/HTML; charset=gb2312"/>

now seems to be ok, switch &other; Day throughout °ree index; And &other Monthly indicators &throughout; Web page can display properly, parameters are passed in the past.

(2) the abnormal condition of the problem, however, when I switch the radio, an error, parameter and turned out to be gibberish.
this time really don't know where is wrong, &other; Day throughout °ree index; , &other Monthly indicators &throughout; And click on the radio switch JS method with the same of the page.
depressed, oneself disorderly point, found the following:
when click &other; CBM &throughout; When the page is normal, and then click &other; Production &throughout; Parameter error, I have been in production for the selected case and point &other; Production &throughout; , the page shows the normal
think and matching it shouldn't be so ah
&other; CBM &throughout; And &other Production &throughout; , &other; Production &throughout; Module I have hang up the official page, &other; CBM &throughout; Module due to have not just hang up the baidu page at will. Due to the problem (1) the coding problem, I first think of the coding issues, see baidu coding is as follows,

 copying code 

code is as follows:
<Metahttp - equiv="content-type" content="text/HTML; charset=utf-8" >

encoding format is different. So I took &other; CBM &throughout; Also hung up the &other; Production &throughout; Page, remove the baidu.
well, normal operation page, not to the parameters of the code.

analysis the reasons for : seem to pass parameters, obtained is the iframe page coding, but has nothing to do and want to open the page code.
however, really should not ah, that is an iframe, my father in the iframe page to the iframe assignment url and pass parameters, tube the iframe page bird matter now?
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