image rotation effect is that many websites some modules required for style, but for the button on both sides of the load and control, often at a loss, very big.
online there are many such effects, also will do a picture on the left and right side of the picture, with the pixel location can obtain want pictures effect.
such as the small button on the image for the
here are the CSS style

 code is as follows: 

a.a BTN
display: block;
height: 130 px;
width: 15 px;
overflow: hidden;
background: url (/images/frontground arrow4. PNG) no - 50% repeat 0 px;

} a.a left
float: left;

} a.a grayleft
cursor: default;
background - position: 30 px - 50%;

{a.a right
float: right;
background - position: 15 px - 50%;

} a.a grayright
cursor: default;
background - position: 45 px - 50%;

the corresponding page code is as follows:

 code is as follows: 

<A class="abtn aleft" href="" title="left" > </a> <A class="abtn aright" href="" title="right" > </a>

a.a BTN: define the background image, and set the image size
a.a left: define the elements left float
a.a grayleft: define the image left slide, there are pictures sliding, the button background picture
a.a right: define the elements right float, and the background image button
a.a grayright: define the image right sliding, sliding, no picture button background picture
corresponds to the meaning of each CSS specifications, through the image positioning at the bottom of the plus abtn this style, you can get the corresponding images.
like <A class=" Abtn aleft" href=" # left" Title=" Left " > Abtn is loaded in the CSS background images and specified the size of the images, aleft set the background image is left floating, which can locate the left button of the combination of the background image, the corresponding <A class=" Abtn aright" Href=" # right" Title=" Moves to the right " > </a> Is the same reason.
, corresponding to the mouse to click the button, after sliding by abtn agrayleft control have left sliding image button background image, abtn agrayleft control no right sliding image background image button.
if you figured it out, it is very fun, if you have any questions, you can leave a message, I will give reply as soon as possible.

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