Light blue sky, yellow petals in the wind, slowly floating in the screen. You must say this effect with a FLASH can realize. In fact use DREAMWEAVER can also easily realize!

Dreamweaver can exceed the Frontpage to become the design tool of choice for web designers, is its powerful design function of DHTML, the above results, it is a kind of DHTML. But you don't need to go to use Dreamweaver, write lengthy code, in the window a few drag-and-drop DW, can be easily done.

with Firework or Imageready first kind of software to produce a few dynamic petals GIF image. ImageReady3.0 as example. Press Ctrl + N to create a new file, the size 100 * 100 or so, the background color according to the background set of web pages. Press Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new layer, named Flower1, with paint tools (Polygonal Lasso Tool), outlined a petal shape, as shown in figure 1. Then set foreground color to pink color (color code for: FF99FF), press the Edit/Fill Fill, then right click on the level version of Flower1, select the Layer Style/Stroke, as shown in figure 2. On the Stroke in the panel choose place to choose a colour pink color slightly deep than before. (color code for: C764B4), the Size selection is 1, so petals was Stroke, look more real. Such a petal is completed.

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This concludes the body part