Found in the template space_feed. HTM, the definition of the method is replaced by:

function closeOpt (key, evt)
if (evt) keyCode==9) {$(' message_menu).
style.css. Display='none';

} else if (evt) keyCode==13 &&(evt) ctrlKey==true | | evt. AltKey==true)) {
poststatus ();
$(' mood_message). The blur ();

function inputKeyDown (event) {
var e=event. The keyCode? Event. KeyCode: event. Which;
if (38 (e==| | e==| | e==13) &&$(' message_menu) style. The display!='none') {
doane (event);


UCHOME can be recorded at the time of release, enhance accessibility, Ctrl + Enter or Alt + Enter

This concludes the body part