In design work, and many times will hear to review designer or a certain leader says, this design draft details not enough ah. Designers sometimes will very grievance: " I have been refined to the pixel level, why also said not enough details? What is details? " This article, combined with a concrete example to describe the details of the design from my understanding.
say first the design details what is specific. In fact this is a very broad concept, a design work, if successful, details must be in place, but the details is not only refers to the small things, such as pixel level alignment, in place, and so on, also including: here if it's not such a form, texture or texture will not zip up slightly, and whether the overall harmonious, light and shadow relationship is consistent with the icon or the entire interface and so on.
when pull the detail design, be sure to avoid complacency, even a small one, also need to think more, how to make the point more accord with the temperament of the whole design work, determined to begin to be realized. And don't say that because of the need to do is very small, and no technical difficulties, just go directly to a few times finished drawing, then again and again to modify in the review, like spending more time, and can not reach the desired effect. Then go to a specific design case under specific about what is the details of the design, and in the process of design how to design the details of the well.
there is a demand is that the interface has a pop-up box, as shown in figure 1:

house design details of the analysis script# 0 - #

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