Anaconda is a completely free Python distribution (including for commercial use and redistribution It includes). Over 195 of the most popular Python packagesfor science, math, engineering,

1, analysis.

data before installing anaconda

what are not needed to be installed directly in the download anaconda, I downloaded a Python2.7, 32 bit.
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", double-click the src=

can be installed directly, their selected installation position (this to you).

: D:ProgramDataAnaconda3



after the installation is completed, we can see:

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installed anaconda, is equivalent to the installation of Python and IPython the integrated development environment, Spyder, bag and so on.

here we introduce the method of installing Python Library of

in CMD: PIP input list can view the installed base of


can see the components installed in all procedures, Anaconda Manager (Anaconda Command Prompt), IPython Notebook, IPython QT, IPython Spyder. Click IPython and enter the IPython interface.


PIP list in CMD can enter or enter the CONDA list in the Anaconda manager to view the already installed


" "src=" ">


these libraries can be found in our NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, that has been successfully installed!

2, Python (shell)

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this is the same as the Python shell used by our direct installation of Python. Of course, because of the installation of anaconda, so we can use a lot of packages here.

3, IPython3.1 IPython (shell)

we can click open, like this can also enter the ipython

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IPython PIP install and the usage of our IPython installation in the command prompt.

3.2 Ipython QTConsole

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3.3 IPython Notebook

we click open, or enter the ipython.exe notebook at the command prompt. The biggest advantage of

4, Spyder (IDE) 4.1 Spyder

Spyder is to mimic the "workspace" of MATLAB.


4.2 IDE anaconda

the other installed Anaconda comes with the Spyder integrated development environment, so do not need any configuration can be used directly, but the other you want to use Anaconda to install IDE you need to configure.

configuration method we can go to official network to understand. Let's take Pycharm as an example.

actually if anaconda is installed before Pycharm, then there will be an option when the interpreter selection is selected, and we directly choose the OK. If you install it after Pycharm, we just need to manually set the interpreter used by Pycharm.

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in the installation package and install anaconda, basically put our common package installed, but after all, only a small part of the installation (we can go to the official website to see what the installation package), and a part of our own need to install.

looks at the installed packages and we can enter PIP list at the command prompt or CONDA (CONDA list) with the package manager that is brought by anaconda.

5.1 pip or CONDA installs

and we can enter the PIP install package name, or CONDA install package name, in the command prompt. The usage of CONDA and pip is basically consistent (update? Unloading? It's not sure). But when we install CONDA, we will install not only the package you are currently installing, but also the other packages that you have installed, so I basically install it directly with PIP. If

5.2 file is installed

pip or CONDA cannot be installed, we will download the file installation, such as EXE file (double click Install) or WHL file (PIP installation).

6, Anaconda with the command window on the command window,

above we say that the command prompt is basically the operation on the system disk. In fact, Anaconda brings a command window. Click on the open

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all can run in the "command prompt" can run here, but the path of the file has changed. For example, we enter ipython.exe notebook separately in the two command windows, and the default file.Ipynb is stored in different locations.


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2, Python official website of scientific computing environment and recommend Anaconda
3, >Python scientific computing release of
Installing Python on Anaconda Python for Windows


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