about Docker: the introduction of the Internet is too much, it will no longer be redundant, in short, it is very useful.

is guaranteed to have administrator privileges before running.

1, install wget:

to ensure that if WGet does not have: sudo apt-get install wget

2, install docker:

to get the latest package. Verify that Docker has been successfully installed.

 docker run hello-world

Docker automatically downloads a small image of a hello-world and runs

1, docker client service program has been connected to the server process.
2, the docker server process will go to the Docker Hub to pull off the Hello world image (because there is no local)
3, the docker server runs a container from the mirror and produces the output
4, and the docker server passes the output information to the client and displays it on the terminal.

4, running docker

in addition to the Hello output, can not do anything, the following will run a container:

 docker run -it Ubuntu bash

, entered into a new container.


6, view the mirror

input: docker images

will list all the container mirror like

. /2018060216440717.png ">

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