Nofollow is link attributes of HTML tags, webmaster and SEO personnel can through this attribute to tell the search engines don't track links on this page, or don't keep track of a given link, these or the link is not recommended in this website. Link once use nofollow, wouldn't export weight

about the nofollow controversial

there was a time Zac HeGuoPing had a dispute about nofollow, is nofollow waste PR or not. According to Google official explanation, assume that there are 10 links on a page.

the page PR will be divided into 10 unto these links, if one of them is nofollow links, so the corresponding PR do not export, should as far as the guide to where on earth is the link of PR did not know. Because according to the explanation of view, should be nofollow links between PR and not to other hasn't been nofollow links. Because of the different interpretation of the original article, so it would not have been controversial.

how to support baidu nofollow

the above controversy just for Google, baidu is not necessarily in accordance with the process of Google's way. In July 2010, baidu search engineer LEE in &other; Baidu adsense club &throughout; Response to support baidu nofollow, but did not say what support nofollow, should be nofollow link weights are assigned to also like Google wasted. If it really is a waste, so you'd better do not use the inbound links, why waste weight inbound links to myself?

on October 26, 2012 in the evening &other Baidu station platform - high-end SEO club &throughout; Sharon, the author when facing LEE asked baidu to nofollow way of support. LEE says should be nofollow links to weight will be assigned to the other has not been nofollow links. So now using nofollow for inbound links, can be a waste PR on Google, on the baidu can be planning the flow of inbound links weights.

The use of the


nofollow has two kinds of method of use, one is add nofollow attribute to link:

a href="URL" rel="nofollow" irrigation

a href="URL" external rel="nofollow" irrigation

the first is the general way, to tell the search engines don't track the link; The second is the more professional way to tell the search engines, this is an external links, not to track. These two kinds of writing is aimed at a designated links, so that you can avoid export weights to these links, the weight of the left guide for other links on a page. Link add nofollow later, when the search engine find the link for the first time, will put it in to grab the URL in the queue, and will be captured, but the search engine will record the current web page on its properties, the current page does not give the link weights are derived.

the other is a nofollow can also be used in the meta tags:

these two kinds of writing are told all search engines don't track links on this page, and not to transfer weight links on a page. But the first one is valid for all search engines, second only to baidu. Can also be replaced by other search engine spiders name, if the search engine to support this label, also can have the same effect. If the page using the label, then search engines will not find and grab the link on the page.

use nofollow optimization in chain

in the first place can use nofollow links are those who are not competitive ranking page links, such as registration, login, complaints, reports and other links. The role of these links are not competitive ranking, just stand in the functional page, can be in total to nofollow links. As for the often said &other; Contact us &throughout; According to the case may be, some sites have brand, &other; * * * contact &throughout; Also have high search volume, this page may be have no value, it is best not to the nofollow links. Another page to another page of the export link is only one good, such as considering appear many times, can be in the presence of its second start using nofollow tag.

in addition to the above not competitive ranking page, for competitive ranking web pages can also use nofollow weights to control the on-site guidance. Way cattle web page using nofollow situation for inbound links, links are dotted box up nfollow links. Way cattle net weights of the home page guide the tourist destination, regional strategy competition ranking page, such as the tour information of all nofollow links off, may be considered very few search for tour groups. Some friends might be wondering, now that don't give these content weight, directly using the previously introduced JS or framework calls can't? Can also reduce page volume. Note that the way the cow net just home page weight not to give the tour guide information, using nofollow, baidu can still find and grab that link to the page, if the content is good, or will be indexed.

way cattle network considerations should be the weight of the front page orientation important competition ranking page as much as possible, don't give tour times interest lead weights, but this information needs to be baidu included, and the tour information also can enrich the content of the website homepage, the surrounding noise is not like the article page links, so directly on the link to use nofollow, did not use JS or framework of call way. What need reminds is, in this link even using nofollow, search engines will crawl and collection, the label is not in the search engines to the current page to pass this link page weight, do not ban the search engine's grab and included. At the same time nofollow about weight is &other; Advice &throughout; , search engines may not fully comply with adsense setup, but a set of relatively perfect whether various links meaningful algorithm, whether the specific link also guide the weight, will be calculated according to whether the link is recommended. Search engines will reference link nofollow, does not only refer to the link with nofollow tags to determine whether or not the link will export weights. If search engines won't link the weight of export permission completely to the webmaster, otherwise there will be a mess.

the article nofollow electricity use. Not only in the home page, on the web site of any page can be the operation in this way, nofollow will help the webmaster and SEO staff to better guide the station to the flow of weight so that you can make better optimization webmaster and SEO personnel within the chain structure. Now many large web sites using nofollow, baidu experience content page exported inbound links, and other baidu baidu knows the top navigation of products are using nofollow links. So the webmaster and SEO should also attach importance to this label.

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