2 months after Microsoft will immediately stop support for XP service, now a lot of friends have come to use new doing system, its beautiful interface, subversion experience also make many friends feel fresh, or even doing under Linux system friends all can't wait to feel the charm of style. Today for you to send a Linux doing topic, after the installation can make Linux and doing the same!

  Windows 8 Modern UI (Metro) theme support GTK, metecity. The former support GTK3, GTK2, the latest version v0.2, rewrite the GTK3 sections, and increases the theme. The index index file, which supports all Windows 8 16 kinds of color, the latest version v1.2.

    Usage as well as the other Linux theme files in/usr/share/theme directory, then use GNOME Tweak Tool such as the Tool can be activated.

  Linux imitation doing themes download address: http://www.script-home.com/softs/137203.html

This concludes the body part