Method one: using Cookies, once and for all
Cookies can through IE "file - the import and export" to save login information through Cookies export (restricted the function cannot use MS), has seen people wrote "FALSE" to the blank space at the back of the "10 * * * * * * * * * * *" changed to "16 * * * * * * * *" can be valid for up to 20 years (IE cache in details to check the way choice, can see validity in the deadline column). In other places through Cookies, import and export, which is used to log in BBS, also not the kui is a very convenient way, but when he left you should remember to empty it.

method 2: a key to login
submit your username and password login in BBS, with caught tools (such as: EtherDetect  Packet  sniffers, etc.) to check the Post data, and then use data of login address variables get a key, can be directly to check the login form code for this address, and then a key to enter that address in the browser can log on BBS. Will be your user name and password into the url below, copy the text, to create a new bookmark, BBS on the next time you directly open the bookmark has been automatically logged in, every time don't have to fill in a username and password.
【 Discuz!   6.0.0 】 :

http://BBS address/logging. The PHP? Action=login&loginsubmit=true? &username=your username &password=password you

if there is a security question, behind is also need to bring &questionid=the code for the security question &answer=you answer, the security question code "security question" when is 0, the back of the questions according to 1, 2, 3... Order on. Take &loginmode=normal to normal mode, invisible to stealth mode. Can also be used to address the &in the username=uid=your user name change &your uid number (registered after Posting will see on your personal info your uid number).
if in Internet cafes, it is best to Cookies set by "the browser process", is behind the belt &cookietime=0, do not add words generally the default save &cookietime=2592000, also the Cookies will be valid for one month.
【 Dvbbs  Version  8.0.0 sp1, 7.1.0   sp1, etc) :

http://BBS address/login. The asp? Action=chk&username=your username &password=password you
Cookies Settings need to be take &cookiedate=value, 0 for no save, 1 day, 2 January, three for one year. Take &userhidden=1 for stealth mode, 2 is normal mode.
have a verification code to take &codestr=value, if BBS login authentication code test, is a key to this login method is almost failed, just log in through other channels.
from BBS (such as JUJU cat) belongs to Dvbbs. PHP  2.0   Release, then the address of the asp must change for PHP, Cookies and Discuz! Similar, its value is the number of seconds to save time.
【 PHPWind  v6.0 】 :

http://BBS address/pw_ajax. PHP? Action=login&pwuser=your username &PWPWD=
your password or BBS address http:///login. The PHP? Pwuser=your username &PWPWD=your password

but both addresses can't normal login (cause I don't know), before use an address that is "username or password is empty", after an address directly jump to the login page.
a few PHPWind BBS, such as use PHPWind  huaxia hacker alliance; V  5.0, you can log in directly with the following address

Quote: * Action=login&pwuser=your username &PWPWD=your password

due to the above address has a problem, you can change another way, in the place where need to add the following login code, copy the following code in the notepad, change the suffix for HTM, after login just open according to login at a time.

<Form  Action=http:///BBS address login. Php  Method=post> <Tr> <Td>
<Input  Type=hidden  Name=step  value=>
<Input  Type=hidden  Name=cktime  value=>  
<Input  Type=text  Size=8   value= username   Name=pwuser>  
<Input  Type=password  Size=8   value= &you have spent Name=pwpwd>  
<Input  Type=submit  Value=',   Its' >
</td> </tr> </form>

use the above code can save log in user name and password must be entered every time, but when login or need to press "login" button to on, still have a bit of trouble, to add a script can log in directly go up, even the press login can be dispensed with.

<! -   Saved  From  Url=http://BBS address/index (0032). The php  - >
<BODY    Onload='document. Form1. Submit ();     '>   
<Form    Name="form1     Action='/BBS address http://login. PHP'     Method="post > 
<Input  Type=hidden  Name=step  value=>  
<Input  Type=hidden  Name=cktime  value=>    
<Input  Type="hidden"   Name=pwuser  Type=text  Size=8   value= username >   
<Input  Type="hidden"   Name=pwpwd  Type=password  Size=8   value= password >   
</form> </BODY>

the above code into the page needs to be run ActiveX or script, Internet  Explorer if set to disable the ActiveX or script, there may be hints. Behind another 0032 in the first row is the length of the string, must according to the actual url length.
we common general is the three kinds of BBS, BBS other systems, such as using the tornado acura vBulletin  Version  3.0.1 】 【 BBS, a key login address is:

Quote: * Vb_login_username=your username &cookieuser=1 &vb_login_password=&s=&do=login&forceredirect=1 &vb_login_md5password=your password after 32 MD5 encryption code

the encryption code can work out any MD5 encryption tool.
【 BBSForce BBS 】 :

http://BBS address/login. The PHP? Your user name and passwd username==your password

due to the above address of the account password is clear, although easy to use, but the password is also easy to expose, if be caught, account it might be stolen, in order to convenient safe at the same time, the ID and password can be converted to URL encoding form (account password is useful for Chinese, English and Numbers don't require this), can be in a certain extent, to prevent password leakage. How to convert? Such as "gone with my ID mad men", can be directly conducted on baidu search this word in Chinese, will find the URL address bar search process will become a string of the format string coding, such as Wd C0 CA D2 C2=% % % % % % % BF F1 C8 % CB&cl=3, then its URL encoding for C2 D2 C0 CA % % % % % % % BF F1 C8 % CB, also can undertake online conversion in some sites, such as, select "simplified Chinese   (GB2312)", to convert the character set encoding. After get the URL encoding, replacement of the above address in the ID and password, other people in the address is not easy to don't see your real ID and password.
the following used under the said problem, usually to save address directly in the browser's favorites; Can also be saved as a shortcut, this actually and collection is the same, the position in the desktop or click the right mouse button, select new - shortcut, enter the address in the pop-up dialog box, click next, in the second dialog, fill in the BBS name or other name you want to use, click finish, and thus built, later you can double-click the shortcut to login directly.
you can also use the batch file handling, though this is more trouble, but the batch we can undertake a certain encryption, relatively high safety coefficient, if necessary can choose this method.
we use Discuz! For the system of BBS as an example, copy the following code in the notepad, save the suffix name. Bat

@ echo  Off
start  BBS login "nomos"   "Http://BBS address/logging. PHP? Action=login&loginsubmit=true? &username=your username &password" password=you

can also be saved in the following code, the effect is the same, just form a bit difference:

@ echo  Off
set  "The username=your username"
set  "Password" password=your
start  "Xx BBS BBS address=http:///logging. PHP? Action=login&loginsubmit=true? &username the username=% % &passwd=" % % "

the back we can continue to bat file is encrypted, recommend a software Quick  Batch  File  (De) Compiler, it can be BAT encryption into an EXE file, can also add attributes and personalized icon, because today's key does not lie in this, I no longer do more introduction.

method three: use a browser built-in functions, plugins, etc.
[browser built-in function 】 :
many browsers typically own autofill and shortened url, and other functions, can be very convenient for quick login BBS
1. Maxthon (address:
2. GreenBrowser (address:
】 【 browser plug-ins:
Maxthon plug-in - 1 keylogin (download address:, Maxthon is a sidebar extension plug-ins, can be a key login email, BBS and so on various websites, extensible, password stored encrypted, but the home page as if can't open, is currently the latest version for v1.01.
- ma3 jia3 switcher of Firefox plugin (download address:, is a based on CookieSwap Firefox plugin, it can make you at the same time using multiple ID login at the same time the same BBS, and arbitrary switching.

method 4: use other software, online website,
[software] :
1. Secure login (address:, can be automatically help login email, BBS and other sites, removes every time input url, username, password.
2. Alasend god (Allah) (address:, use only one key can be automatically logged in to QQ, MSN, email, BBS, blog, all kinds of membership site, pass to web sites, chat...
3. Close all (address:, you can automatically log in email, BBS, net silver-colored client software such as web page...
【 online management class 】 :
1. PassBox, (address:, as long as through the Internet you will be able to easily manage your on many web sites, software, system password.
2. OpenID identity url (OpenID  the Provider) (address:, a key land do you want to go to all of the website (including web sites with a verification code), just remember a password you can remember all the passwords.
3. Horse network (Passbay) (, which help you manage your site, remember password, a key to allows you to login to the site. Support captcha login, can add sites, a key to achieve automatic login.

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